Create a Summer Seating Area


Sunnier days are here and it only seems right to spend more of our time outdoors in the garden to soak up what the season has to offer - trilling birdsong and the sweet fragrance of honeysuckle to name just two.

relaxing in the garden with book, pastry and flowers

Lounging with a good read by day and sipping a chilled glass of your favourite tipple by night are made more enjoyable and indulgent with the perfect little outdoor seating corner.


Making sure that you've got everything you need to hand means that relaxation is a top priority.


So, no matter how small your garden, courtyard or balcony, (or budget!) even if you follow just some off these easy ideas you'll be able to create a relaxing outside space in an instant.

how to create a summer outdoor seating space

Select your spot. Even if you've only got enough space for one chair then it's enough. Preferably opt for a cosy corner or somewhere that has some built-in privacy with fencing or greenery. The less overlooked the better.


• A comfortable seating area is a must, whether that’s with a fancy deck chair, a kitchen chair brought out from inside or a few scatter cushions gathered together. Using what you already have but changing how it's used is the key here. And if you wanted to take it a step further, why not take the kitchen table outside for when you're in entertainment mode?


• Grab a blanket to double up as somewhere to picnic on, then wrap around you when it starts to cool down. Star gazing anyone?


• Create shade so that when it gets hot you can still be outside. A well-positioned parasol will do the trick but so will a sun hat! If you’re feeling adventurous you could create a sail-effect canopy with an old sheet.



how to create a summer seating area outdoors


• Set up a drinks area either in a cool box or on a tray with bottles already filled & chilled. Get some glasses at the ready so you're all set, even for the odd visitor stopping by. A few strawberries and cucumber slices in iced water are the perfect daytime refreshment (swapping water for Pimms & lemonade later on!)


• Enjoy your outdoor space in the evening with some simple lighting. A string or two of solar powered fairy lights or even a snug gathering of tea lights in old jam jars will be enough to add some atmosphere. Some lovely jars to re-use are Bonne Maman: one, because the light catches and reflects off the facetted glass and two...well, any excuse to eat up what's inside is a good one!


• Add some planters to your seating area filled with scented plants that look after themselves. Lavender is always a winner, plus it will keep pesky mosquitoes at bay, or you could try herbs like rosemary and mint - they're also the perfect accompaniment to evening cocktails.


• For finishing decorative touches hang pretty bunting from tree branches or fencing, turning bland into grand. There's always a sense of occasion associated with flag garlands and I can't think of anywhere that doesn't look better without it! Discover made-to-measure bunting here. 


• Store everything that you need in a bag or storage box and use it to take everything out and back in at once. Don't forget to include your current read then sit back and enjoy.



Hopefully by now you're feeling inspired to set up a cosy spot to sit in and relax outside. Getting everything prepared and at hand will mean that you can have some uninterrupted time to yourself, with less time faffing and more time relaxing (although I do like a good faff too!)


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how to make an outdoor seating area

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