5 ways to use Lavender Bags


Lavender bags are no longer associated with the musty grandma-scent of the past but are newly revived and have several rather fabulous uses.

Think more French farmhouse shabby chic. So sit back, enjoy the perfumed aroma and imagine yourself in a sea of purple-blue lavender fields in Provence…

Lavender bag shabby chic floral fabric

1. And breathe...

When life is busy and the signs of stress are creeping in, finding ways to unwind are crucial to good health and happiness. Unfortunately, a spa-day every week isn’t a reality (big sigh) so finding those small moments every day count and soon add up.

For instant relaxing vibes at the end of the day, place a lavender bag on or underneath your pillow case so that those soothing scents can help de-stress the day away, sending you off to cloud nine in no time.


2. Fresh linens

I love nothing more than clean sheets on the bed, but clean sheets that smell like they’ve just been washed AND smell of real lavender is even better. You could (but I wouldn’t recommend it) opt for those chemical filled laundry boosts, but using a lavender sachet means you won’t be breathing in any of those nasties.

Just pop a bag in between your folded sheets whilst they wait in the airing cupboard and your linens will be kept fresh.


3. No moths here

This is an old favourite and it works. Just hang a couple of lavender bags in the wardrobe over hangers or place them in pockets and fabric-munching moths will stay away. The lavender works as a natural repellent and won’t do you or the moths any harm. Tuck some away in drawers too just incase for wonderfully scented clothing without the holes. You can find hanging lavender bags here.


4. It's in the bag

For when you’re on the go, pop a lavender bag or two in with your luggage and you won’t have to worry about your clothes smelling musty. (I’d even go so far as popping one in each shoe too just to be on the safe side!)

Dried lavender stems in a row

5. Car freshness

Why not use a natural lavender bag in your car? It makes a great alternative to a man-made air freshener. There’s also no waste - just choose a lavender sachet made with natural fabric like cotton or linen. I’d recommend placing it by an air vent for maximum effect and that French holiday feeling.

Lavender bag ideas around the home


With so many uses and their divine natural scent there’s every reason to use lavender bags for day-to-day living. They won’t pollute your home with chemicals either - just make sure you choose organic lavender. With just the occasional scrunch, their wonderful perfume will be released. 


For pretty and practical lavender bags you can visit Mirabelle Makery’s shop. Each sachet is handmade from gorgeous cotton fabrics, including French vintage cotton for that shabby-chic feel. And they're filled with organic French lavender from Provence so they're good for the environment AND good for you. 


And if you’re a maker or know someone who is, there are lavender bag sewing patterns and craft kits too!


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