Pointed Pen Modern Calligraphy 4-Session Course

Pointed Pen Modern Calligraphy 4-Session Course


Pointed pen calligraphy course over 4 x 2 hour sessions

Learn all you need to create your own beautiful artwork in a modern calligraphy style all of your own over a series of 4 in-depth classes

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WHERE: LOAF Bakehouse, Wells, 38 Market St, BA5 2DS

TIME: Monday evenings 7 - 9pm

DATES: 11/2, 4/3, 1/4, 6/5 (all 4 dates to be attended)

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Each of the 4 sessions builds up in sequence & depth as you develop the exact skills you need to gain confidence in the art of hand lettering.

Once learning the basics step-by-step you’ll freely experiment with a range of devices that lead you towards developing your own personal style.

Within a small and supportive group, you’ll have the chance to ask questions as you go and get instant feedback, making sure that you make progress quickly on solid foundations.



 Lesson 1: Getting to grips with the basics

- Introduction to the best tools for the job and understand how the pointed pen works

- Learn the 8 fundamental strokes that create the lowercase alphabet and how calligraphy is different to just joining up your handwriting

- Get into good habits with the 3 Ps: seating position, posture and pen grip

* For those wishing to advance (if you’ve already been to the Christmas class with me or taken a beginner class), you’ll have the opportunity to try out different materials and learn how to create consistency with your basic strokes.


Lesson 2: Easy as A, B, C: developing the alphabet and words

- Use the basic strokes with confidence to build a swoon-worthy lowercase alphabet

- Experiment with the key elements to create your own amazing alphabet

- How to get creative with lettering words, plus some tricks and tips on getting them to flow


Lesson 3: It’s all about the base (and the bounce!)

- Explore writing on different shaped baselines to achieve different looks 

- Learn how to get that all-important ‘bounce’ look

- Learn my number one trick for getting your letters to fit magically together


Lesson 4: Composition and Layout: Creating the masterpiece

- Understand how to set your lettering out and make it balance every single time.

- How to combine different lettering styles and create emphasis

- Learn the essential steps to hand lettering a quote or saying as you create a piece of art that you’re proud of and wont want to give away


You’ll also get PRIVATE access to my invite-only Facebook group for support between sessions. You’ll be able to share your progress, ask for advice, take part in Q & As and extra challenges, all to keep you motivated so that you succeed! 


* All materials are provided for you to use during the classes

* PDF copies of all the worksheets and notes to take away

* Plenty of demonstrations and 1:1 tuition so you’re not left feeling stuck

* Fun homework tasks will be suggested so you can practice and develop your skills

* Pop-up shop to purchase materials


* Complete beginners OR if you’ve done a taster course and want to go into more depth

* Left and right handers, you’re all welcome

* You like the idea of doing modern calligraphy but have no idea where to start

* You’ve tried learning it from books or the internet but didn’t know if you were doing it right. You got disappointed as you kept hitting road-blocks and quickly gave up

* You want to spend more of your time slowing down and being creative

* You keep seeing the hand lettered style everywhere and want to know how to do it so that you can create your own beautiful greeting cards and/or art work.


* Drinks and cake will be available to buy

* Suitable for left and right-handers

* Don’t wear your best clothes incase of accidental ink-splattering

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All workshop tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. This does not affect your statutory rights. Pre-booking by purchasing a ticket here is necessary to attend. Please bring your email confirmation with you to class as a physical ticket will not be posted. In the unlikely event that the workshop is cancelled, a full refund will be given. Mirabelle Makery cannot take responsibility for any loss of money (including travel costs) as a result of the cancellation of a class. Mirabelle Makery reserves full rights to accept or decline the registration of any participant for any reason, without explanation. This is an 18+ workshop. In the event of a no-show, late turn arrival or inability to stay through the entire workshop, no refund will be granted. Should the workshop be cancelled or shortened, Mirabelle Makery will perform all refunds within 5 working days.

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