Calligraphy Workshops


Learn a new skill and relax into the art of modern calligraphy at a workshop in the beautiful city of Wells, Somerset.

If you’ve been admiring the hand lettered look that seems to be everywhere and would like to have a go, you’re in the right place.





At one of these workshops you’ll learn in a small group so you’ll get plenty of 1:1 tuition and instant feedback, making sure that you make progress towards beautiful calligraphy.

All the supplies are included to use in the session and you’ll get copies of the PDF learning materials so you can continue on your creative journey.

Come and join me in Wells to learn the art of modern calligraphy with a dip pen and ink - perfect for beginners

I signed up for Charlotte’s modern calligraphy workshop and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was organised, professional, friendly and full of everything I needed to know. Came away with copies of all the material used in the workshop and my very own pen and ink. Highly recommended.
— Carey Richardson


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I attended one of Charlotte’s fabulous modern calligraphy workshops. A fantastic evening with a great teacher and I came away with a newfound love for calligraphy. Would highly recommend.
— Tamsin Walton

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Private Calligraphy Parties & Events

Why not learn modern calligraphy with your friends or colleagues for an alternative birthday party or work-do?

Contact me here to get a quote.