Beautiful Ways to use Calligraphy Gift Tags as Home Decor


I’ll be the first to admit – I have a bit of an obsession with gift tags. From their petite size to their tidy shape which hint at suggestions of thoughtful gifts given and heartfelt messages hand written on them - what’s not to love?


They have so many more uses than just being added to your gift wrapping.  And if you’re given a beautiful gift tag that you just can’t bear to throw away (and why should you?) then you might like some of these ideas. They'll add some shabby chic charm to your home in no time whilst you get to admire the beautiful calligraphy written upon them.

Home decor ideas for vintage and shabby chic living

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These small hanging decorations will add some meaning and interest to your decor easily and instantly. No matter how small your space you can add a certain je ne sais quoi and handmade loveliness to your home.

Read on for inspiration of how to use gift tags around your home for beautiful living every day. A click on the images will take you to the calligraphy gift tags in my shop.


Vases of flowers

Why not tie a hand-lettered label to a plant stem or around the handle of a jug of flowers to make them sing even more. One or two words written on will be enough. Alternatively, fill an empty jam jar with flowers cut from the garden, wind some twine several times around the rim and then add on a gift tag. It's the small changes that make the biggest differences here.


Vignettes & shelves

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of faffing and making things look pretty. Give me a few vintage objects and foraged finds to arrange and I’m happy - even happier when a there’s a calligraphy tag joining in. Style it with your favourite treasures on a shelf or tray on a table to complete the look. I can't resist Victorian tea cups, French glass vases and origami hearts folded from old books.


More is more

Just adding a small tag to an existing piece of hanging decor creates another layer of meaning and a reminder of where it came from. Having a place name lettered onto a gift tag can provide a welcome memory of a special holiday or romantic occasion and suggests a story to tell.


Beautiful bookmarks

Sometimes a line of poetry or evocative words from your favourite book are worth seeing everyday as well as making a thoughtful gift for a bookworm. Practical AND pretty, two of my favourite things and one wonderful combination.


Sweet storage

Add some pretty and practical organisation by attaching these small and sweet tags to fabric storage bins with a safety pin or tying them onto wicker baskets works just as well. Whether it's storing pegs or bottles in the laundry room or cosmetics in the bedroom, you'll know exactly where things are without having them on show.


Place settings

For adding finishing touches full of charm to your table settings these calligraphy name tags work wonders. They look lovely if you're hosting a formal dinner or afternoon tea party. They're sure to please and can be taken home by your guests and treasured as a reminder.



Keeping a scrapbook is a lovely way to store photos and mementoes of a holiday or special occasion. Ticket stubs, cut-out articles and postcards can all be gathered and labelled for prosperity. Whether you make a collage that can be framed and put on show, or something more private, hand lettered gift tags will tie it all together.


Quote, unquote

Tying a label to an antique key, worn door handle or lonely coat hook is a wonderful way to get calligraphy out in the open. Carefully choose a meaningful quote, song lyric or saying to achieve your desired look.


Decorating with drawings

It doesn't just have to be lettering that adorns gift tags - delicate drawings work just as well too. Even better in pen and ink. Hang them from empty hooks to add interest and intrigue to a space that could do with some love and attention and voila!


Special dates

Adding a significant date to a gift tag will serve to jog the memory and can be placed on picture frames displaying family photos or artworks of a visited place. Consider tying two or three tags together with a date, a place and a quote to tell a story and remind you of a special occasion.


Although using calligraphy gift tags as home décor is just a small touch, it will add impact, albeit in a subtle way. Whether they’re personalised with beautiful calligraphy, perhaps of your favourite quote, whimsical word or a quaint drawing, their understated presence will be enough to create layers of interest and meaning in your home.

You could use one or two of these gift tag ideas or sprinkle the look around and personalise your living space. The best bit is, it's so easy to achieve, have the benefit of being timeless and will make every day beautiful.


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Ways to use hand lettered gift tags as home decor